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Gwangju Museum of Art Resident Artists Group Show

——2015 Himalayas Museum Residency Project 1st Exhibition


Art Director: Wong Shunkit

Curator: Sun Peng

Project Coordinator: Li Lu’e

Artists: Guan Huaibin, You Si, Zhan Jia, Zhang Aidong, Zhang Qiushi

Organizers: Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Gwangju Museum of Art

Date: 3 Feb - 15 Mar, 2015 (Closed On Mondays & Sundays)

Venue: Zendai Contemporary Art Space            

      Wuwei Creative Park, 1436 Jun Gong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai



by Wong Shun-kit, Director of Shanghai Himalayas Museum


Art Residency Project is an international project launched by Himalayas Museum aiming to encourage the communication among artists from different backgrounds, and to facilitate the cooperation with local and international art institutes.

It has been five years since the first group of artists participated in this residency project. During these years, Himalayas Museum has been working together with artists and art institutes from various regions and countries including Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, Austria, United States and Germany. With the efforts of Himalayas Museum there has also been a new Residency Union got established and is now becoming a new international platform providing more opportunities to a wider range of artists.

Five artists will show their works in this exhibition. When I recommended them to Gwangju Museum of Art, I believed they would explore new inspiration through this residency project. They have their own styles and experience, but all of them had been able to make creative art works during their residency, and also there has been plenty of encouraging communication among them. Thus I hope this residency project will make its platform open to more emerging and mature artists.

At last, I must say the cooperation with Gwangju Museum of Art was very inspiring, I hope our friendship will continue and bring us more opportunities to work together in the future. Himalayas Museum will also keep making its own efforts to promote the international communication, Zendai Contemporary Art Space and Zhujiajiao Art Museum will always be open to more resident artists.


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